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During our project:

People will be supported in the acquisition and support of basic and key competences (English communication, digital competence, civic ecological competences, cultural awareness, basic competences in natural sciences, entrepreneurship, encouragement to cooperation)

Problems with a sustainable environmental management will be identified by encouraging students’ scientific and artistic creativity. Solutions to these problems will be determined.


  • Presentations will be prepared, discussions will be made and panels will be held on the causes and solutions of environmental problems that cause climate change.
  • Environmental Cleaning,
  • Greening works
  • Selective waste collection campaigns,
  • Recycling workshops
  • Photos, art exhibitions, concerts, theaters, short videos containing environmental messages,
  • Sports activities
  • Laboratory work
  • Clipboard, poster, brochure.
  • Studies are open source on the project website will be published


  • Scientific research results for the protection of natural assets on a sustainable environmental management awareness.
  • Training the practical skills of a sustainable environmental management and products (pictures, photos, films, videos, informative posters, brochures and boards, ecological calendar)
  • Volunteering activities, about European Union Environmental legislation information and useful links
  • Methods and techniques used by our partner schools, good practices

Projeto Cofinanciado pelo PROGRAMA ERASMUS+
Ação Chave II
CONTRATO FINANCEIRO N.º: 2023-1-PT01-KA210-SCH-000152841

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